API reference#

This is the API reference documentation for the pyansys-tools-report package

PyAnsys Tools Report package.

class ansys.tools.report.Report(additional=None, ncol=3, text_width=80, sort=False, gpu=True, ansys_vars=None, ansys_libs=None)#

Generate a scooby.Report instance.

additionallist(ModuleType), list(str), optional

List of packages or package names to add to output information. Defaults to None.

ncolint, optional

Number of package-columns in html table; only has effect if mode='HTML' or mode='html'. Defaults to 3.

text_widthint, optional

The text width for non-HTML display modes. Defaults to 80.

sortbool, optional

Alphabetically sort the packages. Defaults to False.

gpubool, optional

Gather information about the GPU. Defaults to True but if experiencing rendering issues, pass False to safely generate a report.

ansys_varslist of str, optional

List containing the Ansys environment variables to be reported. (e.g. [“MYVAR_1”, “MYVAR_2” …]). Defaults to None.

ansys_libsdict {strstr}, optional

Dictionary containing the Ansys libraries and versions to be reported. (e.g. {“MyLib” : “v1.2”, …}). Defaults to None.


Return information regarding the Ansys environment and installation.


The project information (env variables and installation)


Return the version of the PyAnsys Report Tool.


The version of the tool being used.